Best Time To Visit Andaman/Port Blair

Sun & Sea…..

Andaman Nicobar Islands is a tropical beach destination in India. The climate remains moderately warm to sunny during most of the times in a year. The weather plays a big role in setting up visitor’s moods at most times and allows them to enjoy the beautiful sights of the beach during most parts of the year.

Healthy amount of rainfall, humidity and temperature that remains constant pretty much throughout the year. With an average temperature of around 23°C (minimum) and not exceeding 30°C (maximum), Andaman Islands are hot and humid generally.

The best time to visit Port Blair is between October Till March, when the weather in Port Blair is celestial.

December – March: This is, by far, considered to be the best months to visit the Andamans. During this period, Andaman weather remain moderately cool. It is sunny through the day but it gets as cool as a possible for a tropical beach destination. You can typically expect great diving conditions during this period. If you are lucky, you may also catch the nesting for the Olive Ridley turtle on the islands. Best for water based activities.

Watch out: An occasional cyclone build up that may happen around this time. The Andamans is fully prepared for such situations and things are handled well locally. During Cyclone Vardha in 2016, both locals and tourists in the islands were safe. It meant some being stranded  for a while but all was clear once the cyclone passed.

October To December/March To Mid-May: These months come under the Indian summer category. Locally, this is coincides with vacation times in school so a lot of people tend to visit Andamans during these months. Oct/ Nov has Diwali vacations in school and summer vacations start March onwards. The weather remains sunny throughout. Best for water based activities.

Monsoon Season: Mid-May Till September: There is an increase in precipitation taking the form of frequent thunderstorms. Although the temperature remains in a comfortable range of 26 to 29 degrees Celsius, this season is usually avoided by tourists. The storms make it difficult to travel by sea and increases the risk of sea sickness and it is not a good time for sightseeing. However no one can deny the romantic charm the rains bring to the city. If you are not planning to make a trip to the sea, there is a lot you can do with your time in Port Blair during the monsoon.


What to carry with you:

Hat, sunglasses, sun tans, plenty of water (when you travel), mosquito repellents, umbrella, regular medicine that you can buy without a prescription for minor ailments, special medicine in case you need them.

November, December and January weather remains pleasant – a sunny morning and afternoon and a cool night.

February –The summer season slowly starts creeping in from February. The days gradually start becoming fragrant.

April- The temperature reaches 30 degrees. Later it increases gradually to  36 degrees centigrade in early May.

Mid-May: Monsoon sets in by the end of May though there are some intermittent summer showers even before that. By mid-May, monsoon arrives in and by May end rains start in earnest continuing through June and July.

Monsoon rains happen in June, July, August and September, and Andaman & Nicobar Islands receives heavy rain showers.

Previously diving activities used to remain closed during the monsoons. However, things have changed now everyday weather is taken into account. 

Diving does not remain closed, it is available if the weather is favorable for such activities on that particular day.